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Family Tree Hand Print Painting - Gold

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Capture little hand and foot prints with a family tree hand print painting kit in just 2 easy steps: wipe, press …. no mess! The kit makes for a fantastic keepsake or the perfect gift! 


• Golden wooden frame covered by pixie glass,  the frame size is 26.5cm width x 33cm height

• Comes with two family tree printed cards (including one extra card for you to try)

• Four ink colours: green, orange, blue, yellow

• 100% non-toxic, safe for babies, parents, animals and pregnant women

• Suitable for kids of all ages

• Very quick: only 2 minutes to create a perfect print (drying time not included) 

• Easy to do: no baking, no other material required, everything included in this kit

• Frame can be hung on the wall or stand on the table