First moments is proud to offer the 3D baby hand and foot casting DIY kit as well as an awesome selection of baby keepsake products. We aim to create best quality, style and unique products that celebrate those special moments in life. We hope that the thought and care we put into each product brings a smile to your face.

Family Casting Kit - Black Frame
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Price: $169.00

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    • Family Casting Kit including:
    • 1 of 3D Black Wooden box Frame
    • The frame size is 45cm width x27cm height x 8cm depth
    • Window sizes are 12cm width x 19cm height & 9.7cm width x 13cm height
    • Impression powder (1300g) - this high quality chromatic phase indicator moulding powder is colour changing to help you through the process. Starting at pink then fading away to whiteonce it has set. This mixture is 100% non toxic and safe for babies, parents, animals and pregnant women.

      Casting powder (1500g) - having dry strength makes your piece extra strong. This casting powder shows great detail in your impressions, including all the wrinkles and lines, fingernails and toes.
      • • Step-by-step illustrated instructions - with personalised photos and helpful tips on creating the mould, pouring the casts, finishing and displaying your impressions.


  • Gold and pearl paint
  • A paintbrush
      • • A free casting trail kit for you to do a trail run first (50g impression powder & 50g casting powder)
        • ~ you can create ~ 
        • 1 hand for Mum & 1 hand for Dad
        • For baby:
          0-3mth: 8 casts 
          3-6mths: 6-7 casts 
          6-12mths: 5-6 casts 
          1-2 years: 3-4 casts

~  Engraving Plate is $17, available for purchasing from this website ~