What are First Moments shipping Fees?

We only ship to New Zealand addresses.

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Under 1 Kg:
Auckland Urban: $5.50
Nationwide Urban: $14.00
Nationwide Rural: $17.00 (includes Waiheke Island)

Over 1 Kg:
Auckland Urban: $5.50
Nationwide Urban: $16.00
Nationwide Rural: $21.00 (includes Waiheke Island)

Is the impression powder safe for my baby’s skin?

Our Moulding Powder has been thoroughly tested to comply with the Australian/NZ Safety of toys Standard ISO 8124.3:2003, is 100% non toxic and safe for Babies, Parents, Animals and Pregnant Women.

My mould sets too quickly!

The length of time required for the mould to set is determined by the room temperature, the temperature of the water and the amount of water added. To extend the moulding time, you can add a little more water. Also, the cooler the water, the more time you get before the mould sets.

I broke off a toe/finger! What should I do?

Keep all your bits and allow them to fully dry out. Once dry, stick them back with gel based superglue. Then dampen the surface of the cast and touch up with some fresh plaster mix. Once painted and put in a frame, it is likely that nobody would even notice!

How can I avoid bubbles in the toes?

Bubbles often form if air is trapped inside the mould when filling in the casting powder liquid. To avoid bubbles, fill in only the toes in the mould first and let the mould stand for 3 minutes with the toes facing the floor. Then complete the rest of the casting. The same applies to casting a hand.

I keep getting holes in the mould!

To avoid this, make sure you don’t see any of the baby’s fingers or toes through the clear casting cup. If the amount of mix suggested in the instructions is not enough (for example, your child has big feet or hands for her age), you can double the amount to give you more mix to work with.

Can I reuse the mould?

No, it has to be broken up and peeled away from the plaster cast. If you need more impression / casting powder, we sell refill packs.

What are Special Orders?

These are items with low stock level and new shipment is due soon.



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